Crunchy blueberry french toast


My crunchy blueberry french toast recipe is a combination of a recipe the chef at the Shangri- la in Boracay ,Philipines shared with me that I slightly remixed. While in the Boracay on holiday, I had the best french toast I’ve ever tasted in my life! It was so delicious I had to personally ask the chef to share with me all the ingredients that were in the batter, I know that flavor could not just be eggs,milk and vanilla . So keep in mind… he shared all of the ingredients not measurements. So through trial and error I was able to find a nice flavor balance. Also his version was made with raisin challah bread, for this recipe I opted to use plain challah.

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Rock of Gibraltar or Nah


So I guess the old saying “make lemonade out of lemons” was the theme as we set out to visit the Rock of Gibraltar while in Spain a couple months back. We stayed in Malaga, which is about a 2 hour drive to the border of the UK where the rock is located. The excitement was building as we got closer and closer because this was a childhood dream of H’s so he couldn’t wait to actually visit the place that he said one day he would. He never imagined in his wildest dreams that we would be within driving distance to the real thing.

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Lovers Rock


I was so impressed with Castillo de Gibralfaro in Spain during my first visit, I had to go back for another as it proved to be a perfect backdrop for this pretty off the shoulder number . With spring quickly approaching we are always in search of the perfect easy dress that can transition easily from day to night.

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A Plush Thanksgiving

Guys can you believe the holiday season is upon us? Way too fast I know! But nonetheless I’m super excited for the warm & tingly feelings that completely take over this time of year. If you are anything like me, coming up with dreamy table concepts is just as thrilling as prepping the feast!

This year I decided on a completely plush table concept. With velvet being so huge for fall/winter I decided to not just incorporate it in my table concept, but also make it the star. What better way to do this than to have a velvet tablecloth (although not the most practical) it will no doubt be a showstopper! I thought the mix of natural materials such as wood,stone  glass and dried flowers would act as a beautiful compliment to the velvet. I love a non traditional thanksgiving color palette. I wanted a very calming yet chic color story, so I naturally gravitated toward moody blues, grays,creams,charcoal and white for a crisp clean pop.

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