Castillo de Gibralfaro ,Malaga Spain

Castillo de Gibralfaro ,Malaga Spain


Casually clad in this breathtakingly beautiful castle in Spain…I would say my bucket list is getting shorter. What little girl doesn’t dream of one day walking the grounds of an actual 10th century castle? I mean this was straight out of a fairytale. I couldn’t of imagined in my wildest dreams how magical being here would feel.



The most visible remains of this historic monument are the solid ramparts which rise majestically from dense woods of pine and eucalyptus; inside the fortress itself you will find some buildings and courtyards, reminiscent of those in the Alhambra. The ramparts have been well restored and you can walk all the way round them20170126-dsc05716

Admiring the panoramic views of Malaga from the top of Castillo de Gibralfaro. A view I will not soon forget ….



The castle was built in 929AD by Abd-al-Rahman III, Caliph of Cordoba, on a former Phoenician enclosure and lighthouse, from which its name was derived – gebel-faro (Arabic and Greek, meaning rock of the lighthouse). Yusef 1, Sultan of Granada, enlarged it at the beginning of the 14th century, also adding the double wall down to the Alcazaba.
The castle is famous for its three-month siege by the Catholic monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, which ended only when hunger forced the Malagueños to surrender. Afterwards Ferdinand occupied the site, while his queen took up residence in the town. Interesting historic fact: this was the first conflict in which gunpowder was used by both sides.20170126-img_5764



I definitely felt like a princess for a day .

As always thanks for passing by !


Photos by – H Ndiaye

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