Rock of Gibraltar or Nah

Rock of Gibraltar or Nah


So I guess the old saying “make lemonade out of lemons” was the theme as we set out to visit the Rock of Gibraltar while in Spain a couple months back. We stayed in Malaga, which is about a 2 hour drive to the border of the UK where the rock is located. The excitement was building as we got closer and closer because this was a childhood dream of H’s so he couldn’t wait to actually visit the place that he said one day he would. He never imagined in his wildest dreams that we would be within driving distance to the real thing.


So as we approached the border and showed our passports they cleared me but told H he didn’t have the right documentation needed to enter England. My heart dropped for him as I could see the disappointment in his face. Well you know me…. of course I had my camera and said hey lets have a photo shoot! The look he gave me was….. let’s just say not so nice! (as I laughed at the whole incident) I spotted a near by park that we could still see the rock in the distance.



After I finally convinced him to “make lemonade out of lemons” we decided to document the moment, as we knew we would laugh about it for years to come. Every time I looked at this shot and his expression I literally burst into laughter….and find myself saying awwwww all at the same time. This photo was not staged!He thought I was getting the camera settings right and this was how he really felt at the moment.


I managed to squeeze a smile out of him after all …


So after we went through our initial shock, we decided to just live in the moment and enjoy the day.I told him you can still say you visited the Rock of Gibraltar …..even if it was off in the distance .





After looking back on these photos ,maybe I jinxed the whole visit by wearing my “NAH” tee… because that was definitely what the border control’s answer to us was ! lol…. We may not have gotten to see the Rock of Gibraltar up close and personal but we sure did manage to get some funny content.


As always thanks for passing by!


Photos by – Me & H

Coat –Eleven Paris

Tee – Tee shirt palace

Tank- Treasure & Bond

Pants- Blank similar by the same brand here

Sneakers -Adidas 

Friendship bracelet – City of Saints

Bangles – Cartier & vintage

Beanie – Asos

Sunnies – Sunglassla

Bag – Chanel




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