Borrowed from the boys


This post was inspired by borrowing pieces from my boyfriend’s wardrobe to create new looks for myself. I think there is something so sexy about throwing on your boyfriend’s shirt  and rocking it!

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Vision Boards


Creating a vision board is the easiest way to begin manifesting your dreams & goals into reality. The concept of a vision board is pretty much your road map to the life you see yourself living. You can put anything on there from things you would like to have ,places you would like to travel, objects that inspire you,motivational quotes,the person you would like to become etc. I have always been a true believer in the universal law of attraction.Putting your dreams out into the universe and seeing your board everyday evokes passion and clarity that sometimes get diluted in our day to day rituals.

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Snow day


So we were expected to get what was predicted as one of the worst blizzards ever. It ended up not hitting us here in New York  and certain parts of New Jersey that hard…however other areas weren’t so lucky. I have never seen the city at such a stand still since the blizzard of 06′,where I remember skiing on the streets of Brooklyn having a blast with friends and family. Oh yes we actually suited up in full ski apparel….it was hilarious.There’s something so nice in the stillness of a bustling city,you really get the opportunity to appreciate the beauty. We decided to take full advantage of our snow day by using it as our beautiful backdrop on this shoot . As always enjoy & thanks for stopping by!

– ¥¥

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