Rock of Gibraltar or Nah


So I guess the old saying “make lemonade out of lemons” was the theme as we set out to visit the Rock of Gibraltar while in Spain a couple months back. We stayed in Malaga, which is about a 2 hour drive to the border of the UK where the rock is located. The excitement was building as we got closer and closer because this was a childhood dream of H’s so he couldn’t wait to actually visit the place that he said one day he would. He never imagined in his wildest dreams that we would be within driving distance to the real thing.

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Snow day w/Jord Watches


There’s just something about a blizzard that brings out the inner kid in all of us. While everyone was pretty much snowed in,I couldn’t resist venturing out into the elements for a good old fashioned snowball fight (which would be me torturing my photographer). I partnered with Jord watches to bring you my version of a snow day decked out in my Frankie series watch .

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