Exploring Jerusalem

Exploring Jerusalem



On the most perfect sunny day this past January, I experienced a part a culture and history that will forever be embedded in my memory. I didn’t realize that by visiting Old Jerusalem I wouldn’t be leaving with mere memories, but instead a spiritual experience.



The old city is divided into four quarters or neighborhoods. They are named according the ethnic affiliation of most of the people who live there. The Jewish Quarter, Muslim Quarter, Armenian Quarter and Christian Quarter which were all covered on this trip.

One of my favorite memories was seeing the famous “Western Wall” or affectionately known as “The Prayer Wall”. Praying at this wall; many have said is a unique once in a lifetime experience and I would have to agree. You can write down your prayers/wishes on tiny pieces of paper and leave it in one of the cracks within the wall. The messages and prayers people leave are called “kvitlach” which they hope will be answered. When you are finished your prayers and visit to the wall you must not turn your back on the holy site ,you must walk backwards away from the wall.




Here is the tomb where is it believed Christ was buried at The Holy Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem.When you arrive there is a line with visitors waiting to enter the tomb. The opulence of the Tomb is breathtaking .


This is the slab of stone that is said to be the place where Christ was cleaned in preparation for entombment after the crucifixion. You can actually touch the stone .


Endless shopping and yummy food temptations in the market place…be prepared




As always thanks for passing by!


Photos by- “H”

Sweater – old similar here

Jeans – Uniqlo

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Purse – Chanel

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