Hi there!

Welcome to my blog where I will take you along on my adventures globe trotting as well as my personal style evolution and my passions which include designing,styling,interior design,party planning and art to name a few.You might be wondering hmmmmm…why “Kameelyen”? Well my name is Kameel so I adopted the handle “Kameelyen” as a play on the comparison between myself and the characteristics of an actual chameleon (just got fancy on spelling).Without vocalizing,chameleons communicate visually what they are feeling by changing the colors and patterns of their skin. My motto has always been “Style speaks louder than words,let your true colors shine through”.The rules are there are no rules.Confidence is your best accessory.

A little about my background –
I am a Belizean born designer,Fashion Institute of Technology graduate who has worked in New York City as a fashion designer & trend forecaster at various well know companies.While the big city and I continue our love affair,I will always be an island girl at heart.These days you can catch me exploring all corners of the world gathering life lessons and inspiration.

I hope you enjoy sharing my visual diary of a Kameelyen.

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