Denim x Denim

Since Spring continues to tease us with spurts of beautiful days then flashes of winter in the same week, putting together weather appropriate outfits have been nothing short of challenging. Insert head to toe dressing here! If you have been following my blog for a while, then you know how I feel about head to toe dressing. For me it’s my go to “no brainer” when I want to look chic & pulled together. I grabbed this jacket & pant from two different stores but they were a match made in heaven.Read moreDenim x Denim

70’s Flair

0O3A9599Adding “70’s flair” to your fall wardrobe is as easy as adding a couple statement pieces. When incorporating trends into my wardrobe I never think of wearing a trend from head to toe. It’s important not to confuse “trend” with fashion basics. For this look, I added a wool biker jacket to add a more polished look to the denim.Choose any of the following for an instant 70’s Flair ! Floppy Hat or Fedora,Flare Pants or Jeans,Fringe,Suede,Culottes and a great jumpsuit.

Read more70’s Flair