Palestinian Territories -Jericho/Jordan River/Hisham’s Palace

In January while living in Israel for a couple months, I visited Jericho also known as the “City of Palms”, which is a small city within the Palestinian Territories and Israeli-occupied. I visited The Jordan River, Moses Desert ,Hisham’s Palace ,Mountain of Temptation and the Tomb of Moses. I have to say this was a trip of Biblical proportions! Visiting these holy lands was nothing short of magical.

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Rebel- NYFW Day 3



The bustier over shirts, blouses ,tees ,camis you name it trend has exploded!I personally love this trend because it’s an easy way to take a look from evening to day with an added edge. On my third day of fashion week I wanted to add an interesting pop to my all black ensemble. What better way than to add a white bustier that just so happen to coordinate with my platinum  locks.

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The Golden Hour- NYFW Day 2


This was only the second day wearing my platinum locks and while I had a blast rocking this new look for New York Fashion Week I was a little intimidated by the color. I have always worn black hair and felt my most comfortable that way, but I knew it was time for a change. Hey… I said let’s go blonde or go home! If I was going to make a change, I wanted to introduce it with a bang! What better way than to go from jet black to platinum blonde. For those who were wondering no I didn’t take the plunge into bleaching my own hair,(made that mistake a long time ago) but instead bought a wig for the very first time! I have to say I liked it more that I thought I would. I immediately felt like a new person. I felt edgier instantly, I nick named myself storm even though when it’s this fluffy it favors Sia’s famous wig.

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