Make your bridesmaid dresses cool again

Make your bridesmaid dresses cool again



I’m sure we all have at least one bridesmaid dress hanging in our closet that we probably wouldn’t wear again. I had so much fun making this dress cool again. Shearling coats in beautiful shades from mint green, pale pinks to powder blues are trending at the moment and I couldn’t resist trying this head to toe look. I think there’s something so refreshing about wearing pastels in the winter.



Simply by adding a basic white tee to this gown automatically took it from formal to fun!


I took this velvet scarf and turned it into a headband…love the toughness it added to the over all look.


So remember you can always remix any of your bridesmaid dress! Just add unexpected elements and you’ll be surprised what cool looks you come up with.


As always thanks for passing by!


Photos by -Karimah Raees

Tee – Zara

Dress – Similar here

Coat – Asos 

Chokers – Saks similar here and here

Scarf – Similar here 

Boots – Zara similar here and here

Sunnies – Grey ant here in a different color



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