Modern Day Mona Lisa

Modern Day Mona Lisa


“If you’re gonna be anything….be a modern day Mona Lisa, be respected, be cherished, be remembered, be irreplaceable ,be a work of art; not a piece to sharpen his art” –Kameelyen


In this day and age we live in where the social media machine has become king we tend to need reality checks from time to time. It’s easy to get “caught up” in the hype of what seems to be reality told through true social media eyes. One question I seem to always ask as I scroll is why? Certain posts I see from a lot of really young girls in hopes of becoming the next social media “phenomenon” is concerning to say the least. I’ve seem images that some believe are “goals”, images that have become the new standard for beauty. To me the beauty in people is individuality; that magic that is uniquely yours that no one but you can possess .



I applaud positive images on social media that set strong examples for the future generations. I wish they made as big of an impact as some of the negative posts that sadly people gravitate toward. As a blogger it has always been important for me to stay true to myself my brand and my supporters. I share the real me, my authentic self flaws and all 100% of the time and I hope this piece inspires you to be the work of art you were created to be.


{Fun fact about me ….I love shopping in the men’s section, especially while looking for vintage goodies. I came across these beauties while in LA at one of my favorite vintage stores “Crossroads” on Santa Monica Blvd. This time I struck gold …literally! There they were twinkling on the rack calling my name. Although at first site it looked like something Floyd Mayweather may have worn for a big fight, but nonetheless I was in love. I knew I wanted to do an androygnous holiday look, to move away from the typical sex pot ensembles us girls tend to put together for New Years. Let me tell you, you can hit the splits,running man ,dabb, slow wine, milly rock, electric slide YOU NAME ITTTTT!!!! in these shorts.}


As always thanks for passing by!


Photos by –

Top – Joseph  (I customized it by adding a piece of fishnet fabric to extend the turtle neck & add some dimension )

Shorts – Vintage find from Crossroads  in LA

Boots – bought last year similar here

Hat- Zara



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