Vision Boards

Vision Boards


Creating a vision board is the easiest way to begin manifesting your dreams & goals into reality. The concept of a vision board is pretty much your road map to the life you see yourself living. You can put anything on there from things you would like to have ,places you would like to travel, objects that inspire you,motivational quotes,the person you would like to become etc. I have always been a true believer in the universal law of attraction.Putting your dreams out into the universe and seeing your board everyday evokes passion and clarity that sometimes get diluted in our day to day rituals.


When ever I started a new job or new adventure one of my first things to do was set up my vision board in my cubicle. Some of the things would get laughs from my co-workers , but I didn’t care it was my vision!No matter how unattainable or far out it seemed, wouldn’t phase me…I would say yeah “That’s what my house will be like” or “These are some places I will travel to one day”or “That’s my prince charming”. As I write this post I’ve stopped and smirked quite a few times as I thought of the things that I said I would do back then, and things that actually manifested itself. I am truly in awe.

From being a little girl with big dreams of becoming a fashion designer in New York City (which was manifested) to always saying,” ya know I should start a blog” (manifested),to the opportunities that have come my way with things that are my passion(manifesting) ,to the countless places I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to (see my map on the home page to see where)…continues to manifest.Last but certainly not least was finding love, my knight in shining armor (manifested),side bar he was on my vision board too! lol… So the point of all this is to say that you CAN manifest anything you want bad enough.


My vision boards are constantly evolving as life does. Above is an example of one of my boards,a simple yet powerful example of what you can create with images and messages that inspire you.

– I chose a picture of Paris ,where I’ve been a few times and adore ,but I always wanted to take my mom one day (hopefully this year!)

– A picture of a beautiful chandelier idea ( I am obsessed with abstract chandeliers)

– An illustration to get me back to sketching more often

– A photograph of my great aunts to explore more of my family’s ancestry

– A powerful message that reads “go live”

We tend to always put things off with the thought that tomorrow is promised, but just imagine if we lived everyday to it’s fullest potential….oh what a beautiful thought.

T75FOeH2EiLZutNmHMzYBpR3ZiUDAT07x6Yh63iQbegFor me the best part of creating a vision board is watching it manifest .


As always thanks for passing by! Tag me on Instagram @kameelyen55 ,I would love to see some of your vision boards!

– ¥¥

Vision boards – By me

                                                                                        Photos by –Anybritt.Photography

Coat – Urban Outfitters Teddy Coat

Tank – Rick Owens

Pants – Cotton-on similar here

Booties – Sold out similar here

Gloves – Chanel similar here

Snood – An oldie but goodie revamped by adding some fringe trim



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